PlayStation 4 YouTube Sharing Delayed

PlayStation 4 YouTube Sharing Delayed

0 By Thomas Williams

Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 4 will not allow users to share videos to YouTube at launch. However, the PS4 will allow players to use the Dualshock 4’s controller share button to share recordings on Facebook.The console will be able to stream videos on Ustream and Twitch, although the system won’t archive videos for further viewing on Ustream without presetting first.


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“At this time, livestreams will not be archived for further viewing on Ustream,” reads a post on the PlayStation Blog.

“Users can archive their livestreams on Twitch by presetting via PC.”

Sony recently confirmed that the PS4 won’t support external hard drives but the PS4 will have a 500GB hard drive that can be changed out if the replacement meets the console’s various criteria.

PlayStation 4 will be available on November 29 in Europe for £349 and November 15 in North America for $399 and will also be launching with 22 games as of the time of this writing. The console can be preordered on Amazon here.