PAX East 2013 Impressions – Part 1

PAX East 2013 Impressions – Part 1

0 By Michael Uy

PAX East 2013 was full of gaming awesomeness. Here’s part one of our showroom floor impressions.


PAX East 2013 was a gamer’s haven on March 22nd until the 24th, and I represented Metal Arcade on the show floor to report on the various booths and goings-on.


PAX East 2013 Gaming Floor Stitch



The section of PAX East dedicated to video game marketing was understandably crowded.


PAX East 2013 Tabletop



However, the tabletop section of the convention hall was equally busy and full of humans. I spent almost an entire day playing board games and RPG demos.


PAX East 2013 Firefall Thumper



Greeting everyone at the venue’s lobby are two badasses sporting Engineer and Assault frames and guarding their thumper. (Firefall)


PAX East 2013 League of Legends LOL Tryndamere



Slightly behind the thumper is League of Legend’s Tryndamere, in a classic pose.


PAX East 2013 Riot Booth



This is how Riot’s League of Legends booth looked before it was mobbed by rabid fans and players. It was easily the most trafficked booth at the show.


PAX East 2013 League of Legends LOL Katarina



Greeting convention goers is an intimidating statue of the lovely Katarina, one of LoL’s champions.