Papo & Yo E3 2012 Trailer, Screens

Papo & Yo E3 2012 Trailer, Screens

0 By Jason Matthew

Papo & Yo is a new platforming adventure being developed for PlayStation Network by Minority. The game is about a little boy named Quico and his friend Monster, a giant pink rhino-esque character. Quico loves Monster, but there’s a big problem in their relationship- Monster loves eating poisonous frogs, and whenever he sees them he consumes them compulsively, which causes him to fly into an uncontrollable rage.



If it’s not obvious from that summary, the game is a metaphor for alcoholism, and is directly influenced by the childhood of Minority’s Creative Director, Vander Caballero. He aims to create a deeply personal and authentic story with Papo &Yo.


Papo & Yo 1


Papo & Yo 2
Papo & Yo 3