Opinion: League of Legends Tribunal

Opinion: League of Legends Tribunal

0 By Michael Uy

On Tuesday mornings, around 10:00 AM EST, I arrive at my desk from my day job ready to fire up some League of Legends matches and hopefully pwn some noobs.

It’s normally not at the top of my mind that it is Tuesday morning and that every Tuesday morning, Riot Games takes it upon themselves to release patches for the game. It happens every week. I sit down, ready to play. I load the game up and I can’t log in due to slowly moving progress bars. Then, I’m disappointed and I end up doing something else. Something responsible. Like chores or something.

Well, all that’s changed. Riot has provided me the means to entertain myself within the confines of their game system with their new Tribunal system!



This video explains the entire process pretty well.


The whole thing is a solid win for these reasons:

  1. It frees up staffing for Riot Games. Crowdsourceing the time consuming process of player abuse cases is quite ingenious.
  2. There are multiple incentives for players to participate. They get IP points to spend within the game, they get rid of the unwanted griefer scum, and some of the cases are actually quite entertaining to read.


Does it work? Yes, it does.

When I first started playing LoL, the infestation of childishness was everywhere. People say things that you’d really ought to have  the crap slapped out of you for saying.

As a new player, I was called a noob on numerous occasions, asked to uninstall, why I bothered installing to begin with, my parentage(sexual preferences, their whereabouts and activities the evening prior, etc) questioned, called several (inaccurate) racial slurs, etc. All in the span of a few days.

The only reason why I kept playing was because it was so damned satisfying to blow up the bastards. A testament to the game’s playability. However, it’s not quite so satisfying when they’re your teammates. I understand that people like these exist in any game community. This one was just really bad.


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It’s been a couple of months since they released this feature. The results are obvious. People are genuinely nicer. And I don’t know if I’ve gotten better, but I’ve only gotten called a noob twice this week. One of the times, I was provided with constructive criticism.

If you have a level 30 account, you can start reviewing cases here.