Open-World Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Unveiled

Open-World Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Unveiled

2 By Jason Matthew

Metal Gear Solid fans have a lot of awesome news surfacing today through the Metal Gear 25th Anniversary event. Today Konami unveiled an open-world Metal Gear Solid game, titled Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, featuring Big Boss as the protagonist. Those who saw the footage were sworn to secrecy, but a few tweets leaked out describing the footage they saw, which were quickly deleted. Sources at the event say that Big Boss will be leading a military group called “Diamond Dogs”, and apparently Kojima hinted that Solid Snake may have a role. Could this end up being a retelling of Metal Gear 1 for MSX, where Solid Snake took down Big Boss?


The game was apparently demoed on a current-gen PC, and uses the proprietary FOX engine (which also has a next-gen and cloud gaming version). Those in attendance were blown away by the footage.


@ItCameFromJapan said, “Ground Zeroes on Fox Engine – rich detail, open world, and Old Snake is back!”

@kazamatsuri said, “Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes demo was truly amazing, running on a PC at current-gen specs. Wow.”

@markmacd tweeted, “Demo of “Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes”, started w cutscene (all realtime), went into gameplay, open world, night, raining, base. AMAZING,” followed by “Snake crawled @ avoiding searchlights, killed guard, rode jeep, called in heli for evac. Sounds like MG, but the scale & atmosphere… Wow.”


We’re already anxiously awaiting more details on both Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes and the just-announced Metal Gear Solid movie from Columbia Pictures, and we’ll have more info on them as we get it.


Here is the first image from the game, courtesy of Famitsu. If you look closely, you can see Big Boss’ trademark eye patch and Militaires Sans Frontières emblem.


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