OMG-Z Review

OMG-Z Review

0 By Jason Matthew

OMG-Z, developed by Laughing Jackal, is the best PSP Mini game I have played to date, by far. This is one of those “one more round” games that make time disappear.


The game starts by showing the town of Redfield City (wink!) overrun by zombies, and a lone survivor emerging from a tank. You’re light on ammo, and you need to kill as many zombies as possible with only 3 bullets. How do you kill a screen filled with zombies with only three bullets? Ingenuity. That question, and the strategy behind it, is what this game is all about.



When you first start a round, a crossair appears on a screen filled with shambling, moaning zombies. About a minute later, after discovering the game’s incredibly addictive, exploding-zombies-with-splash-damage gameplay, I was hooked. I literally couldn’t tear myself away from this game for about 45 minutes.



The gameplay is simple, but challenging and engaging. You shoot one zombie in the head, and, depending on his zombie type, he will kill zombies around him in a variety of fashions. Left 4 Dead-type fat zombies explode, setting off a chain reaction of zombies around them. Shoot cop zombies with rifles or guns, and they shoot of their guns as they die, hopefully hitting some undead around them. There’s also a zombie type that turns into a pile of acid upon their demise, which zombies can walk into, turning them into a pile of acid. It’s all like a much more exciting version of dominos.



The game features a cash and upgrade system. When you get enough cash, you can buy upgrades like more bullets, and upgrade the zombies so that they cause more damage around them, and thus kill more zombies. On each round, you can get a bronze, silver, gold, and platinum trophy, each granting you more money to spend on upgrades.


All told, this game perfectly epitomizes what hand-held gaming is all about- quick rounds on the go that you can’t wait to pick up and play again later.

[easyreview title=”OMG-Z PSP Score” cat1title=”Overall” cat1detail= “The most fun I’ve had yet playing a PSP game. Time disappears while playing this game.” cat1rating=”5.0″  summary=”Awesome- 5 / 5″]