New York Comic Con: Day One Impressions

New York Comic Con: Day One Impressions

4 By Michael Uy

Exclusive shots from the New York Comic Con showroom floor during the Thursday launch.


Today was more of a scouting day at NYCC 2012, mainly spent on the show room floor. Thursday is usually considered a pre-show and only accessible to four day pass holders and above (VIPs and such). Most of the main attractions and special guests won’t show up until Friday.  Here are some initial pictures from the convention.



Before entering the show room floor, you encounter this incredibly detailed model of the loader from the Aliens franchise (for Gearbox’s Aliens: Colonial Marines). Wow! Fans have the opportunity to sit in the loader and have pictures taken.


New York Comic Con 2012 Pics Aliens Colonial Marines



This gorgeous model greets people at the main entrance to the convention (Gundam).




Kratos guards the God of War: Ascension booth.


New York Comic Con 2012 Pics God Of War Ascension



This is a shot of the Wii U booth. In the background is Square Enix, which I’ll be covering more of in a future post.


New York Comic Con 2012 Pics Wii U Gamers


As indicated by the preceding shots, there are already a bunch of humans there and it’s inevitable how more will be arriving in the following days. Below, are the pictures I took of the DC Comics booth. While not remotely close to being comprehensive, it gives us an idea of some of the things they have on display.


This wall of awesome super-heroic posturing is the first thing I encountered as I approached the DC Comics booth, located in the middle of the showroom floor.


New York Comic Con 2012 Pics Justice League DC



Some of the intricately detailed Batman: Arkham City figurines displayed at the DC booth. I waited forever for people to vacate the shot for this one. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. Today was mostly a  trip to formulate a plan of attack for the days ahead, but I couldn’t resist the urge to explore DC’s booth.


New York Comic Con 2012 Pics Batman Arkham City Toys



The last, but certainly not least, picture for today is this wholly amazing life-sized model of Darth Maul made entirely of Lego.


New York Comic Con 2012 Pics Darth Maul Lego


Stay tuned! More to come from our coverage of New York Comic Con 2012 in the coming days!