New York Comic Con 2012: Cosplay Part 1

New York Comic Con 2012: Cosplay Part 1

11 By Michael Uy

 Nerds in glorious costume. The best of NYCC.


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I considered finding new things to put up for a Day 4 coverage post for the site. However, as I walked around, I realized I’ve practically gone everywhere in the venue multiple times. I only went to one panel (the Robot Chicken panel with Seth Green and company), so I couldn’t really report too much on those. Ah, the perils of covering an event alone…


So, instead of Day 4 shots of things I might’ve missed, I thought I’d do one on one of the biggest highlights of the convention: Cosplay. This will be a two-part series, so look for part 2 tomorrow!


Green Arrow and Black Canary.


New York Comic Con 2012 Green Arrow and Black Canary


Thursday was a little light on attendance. In hindsight, this made Thursday the best day ever because it allowed me to explore the convention without humans creating chokepoints at every turn. People who are there on this day are required to have a 4-day pass or above (VIPs, Press, and such), resulting in a very manageable number of humans present. Bliss in comparison to the other days. Sadly, this also means there aren’t as many cosplayers.


Power Rangers! Backdropped by a partial shot of  Voltron far in the background. They’re re-releasing the toys, you know. I didn’t get to play with them at the convention, but I think they’re being released as lions that assemble into the Defender of the Universe. Naturally. Horray for re-purposed Japanese shows!


New York Comic Con 2012 Cosplay Power Rangers


New York Comic Con 2012 Voltron Figure


There, see? I don’t mean to stray from the cosplay pictures. I just wanted to show you guys. Back to the topic at hand!


On Saturday, the cosplay fun began, as a ton more people started showing up in costume.


Decidedly one of the best Iron Man costumes there. I couldn’t get his attention for a pose and even without the helmet on, it looks pretty sick.


New York Comic Con 2012 Cosplay Iron Man



Ryu and Juri from Street Fighter started throwing light kicks at each other after the shot, right from these stances. Good form.


New York Comic Con 2012 Cosplay Ryu Juri Street Fighter


This was my favorite Robin costume at the show.


New York Comic Con 2012 Cosplay Female Robin


Carmen San-Diego and Catwoman… together at last?


New York Comic Con 2012 Cosplay Catwoman Carmen Sandiego


Thor and Loki looking accurate and god-like.



The Shredder (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), with the most profound expression. Look at those eyes!


New York Comic Con 2012 Cosplay Female Shredder TMNT