New Shinobi Unveiled

0 By Jason Matthew

A new Shinobi game is in development for the Nintendo 3DS. Unfortunately so far it seems that this is 3DS exclusive, and will not appear on the newly anounced Wii U, or the PS3 or Xbox 360. This game will star Jiro Musashi, who is the father of Joe Musashi, the original game’s protagonist.

Simply called Shinobi, the new game is being developed by Gryptonite Games for the 3DS and will feature the same awesome side-scrolling gameplay of its predecessors. The visuals, from what we have seen so far, are very simplistic, with a cool cartoony vibe. Thos that saw the game at E3 said that the gameplay was fast and the animation looked smooth. We’ll have more on this very cool looking title as its September release date approaches.

Check out a video and screens below.