New Details On Alan Wake American Nightmare DLC

New Details On Alan Wake American Nightmare DLC

0 By Jason Matthew

Remedy announced today that the upcoming Alan Wake DLC , American Nightmare, will include a previously unannounced mode called “Fight Till Dawn”.


Alan Wake American Nightmare Screen - Arcade Cemetery


In the main story mode of Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, you’re playing part of the “Night Springs” TV show fiction. It’s an “exaggerated pulp adventure” where everything Alan imagines comes true as he tries to take down his evil doppelganger Mr. Scratch. Alan will need to use the power of light to fight the darkness and save his wife Alice from Mr. Scratch’s dastardly plans.



The “Fight Till Dawn” mode seems to be a Horde mode of sorts, where Alan will battle waves of enemies and rack up a high score. You’ll employ all manner of weapons in your plight, from flare guns and nail guns to Uzis. As the name suggests, you’ll need to survive until the dawn light hits to save you from the darkness.


You can get your mitts on the American Nightmare DLC in quarter one of 2012 on Xbox 360. The game is rated T for Teen.