Mortal Kombat Skarlet DLC Dated, Plus Other Character DLC Details

Mortal Kombat Skarlet DLC Dated, Plus Other Character DLC Details

0 By Jason Matthew

NetherRealm Studios have been teasing the debut of a new scantily clad lady warrior for Mortal Kombat. The studio just released a DLC trailer for Skarlet, which also teases some more DLC characters down the line.


Skarlet was originally rumored to be a secret character in Mortal Kombat 2, but was in actuality a color glitch for Kitana, much like the rumored Ermac was a color glitch for Scorpion. The red bikini-clad warrior weilds 4 kunai and short ninja blades.



Players could see Skarlet tied up in the background of one of Mortal Kombat’s levels during gameplay, and also in the Story mode.

From Mortal Kombat’s website:

“Shao Kahn has many warriors under his command, but his trust lies solely in the fighters of his own creation. Warrior blood gathered from countless battlefields, fused with sorcery, produced his most effective enforcer yet: Skarlet. An expert tracker, she preys on those deemed enemies of the empire. During kombat, Skarlet gains strength from her opponent’s blood, absorbing it through her skin. Shao Kahn has a new mission for this formidable kombatant: discover Quan Chi’s true intentions and kill him if he plots betrayal of the emperor.”

Skarlet will hit the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 on June 21st, with the other characters’ arrival to be determined.