Monsters University – First Full Length Trailer

Monsters University – First Full Length Trailer

0 By Zach Kircher

Although we got a teaser of Monsters University last summer, we now have a true glimpse at the final film.


Pixar has delved into sequel territory before with both Toy Story and Cars, and the beloved studio is now planning to release a sequel to Finding Nemo in 2016. However, they have never attempted something as odd and intriguing as a prequel… until Monsters University, that is.



Even though we got a glimpse of Monsters University back in June 2012 with the release of Brave, it was merely a teaser – and we all know that the teasers for Pixar films are never truly representative of what the final product will be. This is why I was excited when the full-length trailer was finally released.


Monsters University - First Full Length Trailer



My reaction to the Monsters University trailer can be summed up as follows: I am still excited, but as I was mildly skeptical when the first full trailer for Toy Story 3 was released, I am also somewhat worried here. Reason #1 is that Toy Story 3 was Pixar’s last truly memorable film- the last animated feature that is generally on par with their other works. Cars 2 was entertaining enough, but overall a huge misstep for the studio, and though I felt that Brave was a great film, it felt more like a Disney production. Monsters University could be their redemption, considering that two of the writers from the original film have returned. Still, the trailer didn’t make me laugh a whole lot, and the story set-up felt a bit forced. Nonetheless, I am an enormous fan of Pixar, so I will remain optimistic.


Monsters University is scheduled for release on June 21, 2013.