Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Could Lead Into A Metal Gear Remake

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Could Lead Into A Metal Gear Remake

11 By Jason Matthew

Here’s some evidence that Ground Zeroes could be a prelude to a Metal Gear re-imagining.


Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Metal Gear series.


Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes was recently revealed for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and has already garnered massive hype. The game marks the return of series protagonist Big Boss, and although the time period hasn’t been definitively established, it appears to be in the mid-to-late 80s. Originally, it was thought to be even later, as the first gameplay footage of Ground Zeroes showed a decidedly older-looking snake, with grayish, almost white hair. However, series creator Hideo Kojima has since shot this theory down, tweeting recently that the gray-haired Snake was a result of “rim lighting”. He had a member of his team re-render an image of Snake without the goggles to show him with his brown hair.


Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes Snake Young Old

Snake isn’t as old as he looked in the Ground Zeroes demo. 


There’s also a child shown in the demo. He isn’t addressed by name, but he could *possibly* be Chico, although he looks a bit too young – Chico should look a bit older considering that he was 12 in 1974, when Peace Walker took place. He also plugs a Walkman into his chest, and it was never mentioned that Chico had any kind of robotics. A more likely possibility in our eyes is that this is a young Raiden, who was born in the early 80s- it’s been established that he’s a child soldier. But Kojima loves to throw red herrings at us and surprise the fans- it could even be Solid Snake in the cage for all we know. The disfigured person talking to the kid calls him a traitor, and says to give his regards to his Boss- it’s capitalized in the subtitles.



There is also talk of Paz, who was revealed to be a triple agent in the endgame of Peace Walker- this seemingly innocent little girl infiltrated the CIA, KGB and Big Boss’ own MSF. She was working for the beta version of the Patriots, Cipher, commissioned by Snake Eater‘s Major Zero. She supposedly drowned at the end of Peace Walker after Snake destroyed Metal Gear ZEKE, but it is revealed that her body was recovered by fishermen and she is being held in the camp. The identity of the disfigured man is still a mystery, but he could well be The Fury, who met his supposed demise in Metal Gear Solid 3 in a fiery death. He works for a mysterious group called XOF – which, obviously is FOX backwards. He could also be Volgin, however. Volgin was supposedly electrocuted to death in Snake Eater and, if he survived, would have similar scarring.


Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes Chico

Chico, Raiden, or Solid Snake?


The mid-to-late 80s timeline is further solidified by the fact that the gun Snake has in the demo is a FN FNC, or Fabrique Nationale Carabine, which was first put into production in 1979. Solid Snake was born in 1972, which would put him at the proper age to be the boy in the cage, if this is the early 80s. In Metal Gear lore it is stated that Solid Snake joined FOXHOUND in the early 90s, and was taught CQC by none other than Big Boss himself. Some have speculated that this game takes place directly following Peace Walker in 1974, but Big Boss is noticeably aged, regardless of hair color, since Peace Walker. Kaz Miller even tells him “Age hasn’t slowed you down one bit”, a line most will recognize from Metal Gear Solid. There’s also the futuristic, holographic map that Big Boss uses in the Ground Zeroes demo- that certainly would be out of place in 1974. Why go so far in Snake Eater and Peace Walker to make Naked Snake use period-accurate equipment, like a radio rather than nano burst transmission, sound meters rather than Soliton Radar, etc., and then throw away any sense of accuracy with holographic maps? It could be that the updated graphics engine is highlighting his wrinkles more, but we believe that the timeline is at least a decade after Peace Walker. Another interesting note is that in the first press shot released, Big Boss was wearing his MSF patch on the left shoulder. In the demo, he has a FOX patch in its place.

 Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes Holographic Map

This doesn’t look like 1974 technology…


Peace Walker gave us the first inklings of Big Boss’ turn into the enemy of Snake in Metal Gear 1. We have a feeling that Ground Zeroes (as in Metal Gear Zero, a precursor to 1?) will further delve into this story and set up an epic remake of Kojima’s landmark first Metal Gear.The fact that Ground Zeroes is plural leads us to believe that it will be the beginning of the modern Metal Gear Solid timeline, and the first chapter in the story of Solid Snake, Raiden, Solidus Snake, Liquid and an older Revolver Ocelot.


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