Metal Arcade’s Graduation Gift Guide 2013

Metal Arcade’s Graduation Gift Guide 2013

0 By Jason Matthew

Don’t know what to get the graduating gamer in your life? We’ve got you covered with our Graduation Gift Guide. We’ve compiled a list of the hottest tech and gaming gear that 2013 has to offer.



Skullcandy PLYR1 Headset


Gift Guide 2013 Skullcandy PLYR1 Headset


We’ve reviewed the Skullcandy SLYR and PLYR2 headsets on this site in the past, and Skullcandy has managed to consistently one-up themselves. The PLYR1 is their finest work yet, delivering powerful, crisp Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound in a beautiful wireless headset. Coming in at around $180, the PLYR1 easily justifies its price; it features durable construction, a responsive mic and punchy audio (with three separate EQs), as well as an extremely light and comfortable build and eye-catching design. You can game or watch Blu Ray movies for hours on end with the PLYR1 and completely forget it’s on your head. We tested this headset with The Avengers on Blu Ray and  Sleeping Dogs on PlayStation 3, and found the Surround Sound capabilities to be extremely impressive and immersive.  Set-up was a breeze, and being free of hellish 20-foot wires makes the PLYR1 worth its weight in gold.


 GX Gaming Mordax Headset

Gift Guide 2013 GX Gaming Mordax Headset



We recently reviewed GX Gaming‘s Gila Gaming Mouse, and they continue to impress with the new Mordax headset. Compatible with all gaming platforms from PC to PS3, the Mordax is a comfortable, affordable, plug-and-play headset. Its minimalist design works in its favor – with a detachable mic and easy-to-use mic mute and volume control buttons that won’t cause you any problems mid-game. In our tests the mic and speaker quality were quite decent, with voices, music, and explosive FPS action all coming through quite clearly. The Mordax is well-built, flexible, and a very well-rounded headset for a low price – it retails for $60-$70.


Samsung Galaxy S4

Gift Guide 2013 Samsung Galaxy S4



The Galaxy S4 (review here) has become the fastest-selling smartphone ever, and in our tests, it was easy to see why. Packing a 13-megapixel camera, a beautiful 1080p AMOLED screen and a quad-core processor, this smartphone can do just about everything – from high-end Android gaming to measuring your daily footsteps and even controlling your home theater system. You can even move through webpages and photos and answer calls with a wave of your hand, not unlike the Tom Cruise movie Minority Report. It will even pause a video when you turn your head. It’s a great phone to show off, but it also boasts incredible functionality.


AOC Q2963PM 29″ UltraWide LED Monitor

Gift Guide 2013 AOC Q2963PM 29- UltraWide LED Monitor


The Q2963PM is AOC’s first ever 21:9 aspect ratio Cinema Monitor. This means you can enjoy your hi-def Blu Ray collection without those pesky black bars. It features a Dynamic Contrast Ratio of 50,000,000:1 from viewing angles up to 178° – both vertically and horizontally – and a response time of 5 ms. AOC’s Screen+ software allows the ultra wide display to be split into up to 4 panels to maximize productivity. With its slim design and titanium finish, this cinema-wide monitor is a great space-saving addition to any home or office.


Sennheiser U320 Gaming Headset

Gift Guide 2013 Sennheiser U320 Headset


Compatible with all major gaming platforms (Mac, PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3), the U320 is another great gaming headset. Sennheiser is known for warm, balanced sound and great mics, and both are combined here to great success. The U320s pack all the bass you could want, without the ear fatigue and discomfort usually associated with long gaming sessions while wearing cans. Boasting accurate lows, mids and highs, it worked wonderfully in our tests on a range of diverse musical genres, as well. Its mic is clear and responsive, and the headset manages to cancel out most extraneous noise in the surrounding environment. Utilizing Sennheiser’s proprietary CircleFlex technology, the earcups automatically adjust to the user’s head. Overall, the U320 is a stellar multimedia headset that would make a fine addition to any gamer’s arsenal.


 Razer Edge


Gift Guide 2013 Razer Edge

The Razer Edge is definitely a one-of-a-kind product. It has the distinction of being a fully-featured PC, the world’s most powerful tablet, and a gaming console – all in one incredible package. The Razer Edge won the “Best of Show” award at CES 2013, and it’s easy to see why. Capable of running any PC application as well as the most graphically-intensive games, the Edge features a 10.1 inch, high definition multi-touch display. It’s powered by Intel processors, Nvidia graphics and Windows 8, and can be used as a totally mobile console or set up in a dock with gaming controllers for maximum versatility.


Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2013 Keyboard

Gift Guide 2013 Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2013


The newest edition of the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate features green backlighting as well as an anti-fingerprint matte black finish to reduce smudges. The BlackWidow Ultimate 2013 also has improved anti-ghosting technology to allow up to ten simultaneous key presses without overloading the keyboard. It has pass-through ports for USB, mic and headphone connectivity, which is always a plus since there’s no need to reach behind your computer and fumble around with a bunch of wires just to plug in a headset.


Roccat Kone XTD Mouse

Gift Guide 2013 Roccat Kone XTD

The Roccat Kone XTD mouse features an 8200 DPI laser sensor for tracking even the fastest mouse movements with no lag. It packs on-board memory for saving macros and profiles, adjustable weight, and programmable lights to fully customize your PC gaming experience. Mechanically and ergonomically speaking, this is a very high-quality mouse, and it’s got style without being overly flashy.