UPDATED: Now With Beta Gameplay Video! Mass Effect 3 Story Leaked On Russian Fan Site

UPDATED: Now With Beta Gameplay Video! Mass Effect 3 Story Leaked On Russian Fan Site

1 By Jack Strosser

Just recently, the beta version of Mass Effect 3‘s multiplayer was released for download on Xbox Live. Bioware stated that the release of the beta was due to “human error”, and the beta was taken down soon after. Although, surprisingly, there was more to the rough version of the beta than most people knew.

A Russian Bioware fansite, BioWare.ru, posted leaked story files from the upcoming game, which they retrieved from the beta, and it begs the question: why would anyone want to do this?



Die hard Bioware fans, especially the ones who write and run the site should know that the story of a Bioware game is absolutely sacred. Okay, perhaps not sacred, but the narrative in the Mass Effect series has always been a big selling point, and is one of the most anticipated aspects of Mass Effect 3. It’s understandable that maybe some people can’t wait to find out what happens next in the Mass Effect epic, but this really is just opening up spoilers for the world to see. Gamers have taken their sweet time playing through Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, and wouldn’t want the experience spoiled so easily.


Now we’re not saying that Metal Arcade readers should go and check it out; by all means, if you don’t want spoilers stay away! But it goes without saying, the people running that Russian Bioware fan site pretty much failed at being loyal Bioware fans.


You can check out 14 minutes of leaked beta footage below, if you’re the type that loves spoilers. Be aware that this video contains footage of the game in an unfinished state, including missing textures, placeholder models, etc.