Logitech Reveals Wireless Wi-Fi Webcam

Logitech Reveals Wireless Wi-Fi Webcam

177 By Jason Matthew

Logitech’s new webcam packs a host of breakthrough features.


Today Logitech revealed the latest in its series of webcams. The new Logitech® Broadcaster Wi-Fi® Webcam is developed for “video professionals, bloggers and hobbyists”, and gives you a host of features not available in other webcams, including live streaming direct to Ustream, shooting HD videos from two different angles or video chatting on your favorite Mac computer.


Logitech Wi Fi Webcam 1


With the Broadcaster Wi-Fi Webcam, you can upload to UStream and use an iPad, iPhone or Mac to control and preview the video. The webcam itself is wireless, so you can take video from virtually any angle you want, and using your computer’s built in webcam, you can even have streams with multiple angles.


The Logitech Broadcaster Wi-Fi Webcam will  be available in October 2012 for $199.99.