Logitech Harmony Touch Remote Unveiled

Logitech Harmony Touch Remote Unveiled

269 By Jason Matthew

New Logitech Harmony Touch remote packs the beauty and functionality of a smartphone.


Logitech has revealed the new Harmony Touch remote, launching this month in the United States and Europe. The Harmony Touch packs a 2.4-inch color “swipe and tap” touchscreen that can save over 50 channel icons for easy recall. Everyone hates having to remember the number of their favorite channels – now with the Harmony Touch, you can just tap the icon of the network. Similar to the iPhone, channel icons can be moved or deleted using the touch screen.



With the touchscreen you can easily switch between activities such as playing videogames, watching tv, listening to music, or setting up your surround sound. If you have the Logitech TV Cam HD you can use the Skype function on the Harmony Touch. You can set up the device on MyHarmony.com, and the Harmony Touch is compatible with over 225,000 devices – and capable of controlling 15 at once.


The Harmony Touch will be available at retailers like Amazon and Best Buy shortly, but you can buy it for $249.99 on the Logitech site now.