Logitech G510s Gaming Keyboard Review

Logitech G510s Gaming Keyboard Review

3 By Jason Matthew

The Logitech G510s Gaming Keyboard is a fantastic, ergonomic keyboard with a solid build quality and just enough visual flair to appeal to the gamer crowd.


The latest entry in its new gamer-centric “G” series line of peripherals, Logitech’s G510s Gaming Keyboard continues the company’s tradition of providing quality, functional hardware with a unique visual flair. Gamers tend to splurge on headsets, MMO mice and monitors, but it’s often forgotten that a reliable keyboard is an integral part of a gaming setup. After spending about a week and a half with the G510s, I’ve definitely become attached; this is an exceptional, ergonomic keyboard that is gorgeous to look at.


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The main selling feature of the G510s keyboard is the GamePanel LCD screen attached to it. Once you install the software that accompanies it, this screen can display everything from real-time game stats and RSS feeds to VOIP communication data and CPU/ RAM usage. From this screen you can also select saved game profiles (the software scans your computer to detect all available games), which can be customized with 18 programmable keys and lighting setups, which look fantastic. The backlighting on the G510s looks great, and just like with the GX ¬†Gaming Gila mouse, you can always tell what profile you’re currently using from the customized color scheme (all lights can also be dimmed or turned off completely). You can match the LED backlights to any color your heart desires, as it supports over 16 million colors. At the moment, over 75 games support the GamePanel LCD, which allows you to see your server and player data, as well as in-game stats like your current health and ammo levels.


The Logitech G510s is a dream to type on, and the keys are very responsive and activated with just the right amount of pressure. Compared to my previous low-end keyboard, I noticed a pronounced decrease in typos while using the G510s. This keyboard is marketed as a gaming peripheral, but honestly it’s a great choice even for non-gamers. The programmable G-keys and excellent multimedia controls, alongside its tasteful visual design, make it a solid choice for any PC user. I especially liked the roller for volume control and large mute switch. The 18 programmable G-Keys on the left side of the keyboard increase the overall width, but it’s a worthwhile trade-off for the increased functionality.


Logitech has long been considered one of the top brands for PC peripherals, and they recognize that the details make the difference. The G510s features advanced surface materials for improved durability and comfort. Additionally, the keyboard sports a double UV coating on the keys and fingerprint-resistant coating on the faceplate to keep everything looking like new. It also has a hydrophobic coating on the palm rest to keep your hands from sticking to it. Beyond that, you can even plug in your gaming headset and independently control game and mic audio from the keyboard.


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Overall, the Logitech G510s Gaming Keyboard is a fantastic, ergonomic keyboard with a solid build quality and just enough visual flair to appeal to the gamer crowd. It’s packed to the brim with features, with a beautiful design built from quality materials. It’s just as adept at handling everyday tasks like typing and web browsing as it is at intense gaming sessions. ¬†Currently available on Amazon for $109.99, the G510s is easy to recommend to just about anyone looking for a high-end keyboard with a wide range of functionality.