Line 6 Launches Variax HD Upgrade and Workbench HD Software

Line 6 Launches Variax HD Upgrade and Workbench HD Software

0 By Jason Matthew

 Line 6 has announced the release of their new Variax HD technology and Workbench HD software, allowing guitarists unbridled creativity in their recording workflow.


Line 6 has announced the launch of their all-new Variax HD technology for the James Tyler Variax line of guitars. The JTV Variax model guitars can emulate a wide range of vintage instruments, all while eliminating common studio problems like pickup noise and constant re-tuning – the Variax can even switch between alternate tunings on the fly. With the new Variax HD technology, James Tyler Variax gives players access to a huge array of interchangeable HD guitar pickups and instrument bodies so they can build virtually any guitar they can imagine. The Variax HD software is a free upgrade featuring overhauled HD emulations of guitars utilizing Line 6’s next-generation HD modeling technology, which they claim yields “unprecedented sonic character and a more natural playing experience.”



After creating a new hybrid instrument, players can save their creations in the Workbench HD software and share them with friends online, and up to 60 individualized models can be stored on the guitar itself at any given time. The James Tyler Variax is especially great for recording acoustic guitar, as there’s no need to waste time setting up mics and worrying about extraneous sound, preamps and mic positions. On the electric guitar side, there’s emulations of classics like Strat, Les Paul and Rickenbacker guitars, among others. Workbench HD even allows for changes to characteristics such as string pitch and string volume.


Line 6 Variax JTV Update Guitar



  • Free Variax HD upgrade features an extensive collection of HD guitars, so you can record with a palette of the world’s greatest instrument sounds.
  • With a world-class collection of HD acoustic guitars and exotic instruments, you can record acoustic tracks with pristine sound quality—without ever having to set up a microphone or a mic preamp.
  • With virtually limitless alternate tunings, you can easily switch between tunings while tracking.
  • The HD guitar tones in James Tyler Variax are completely free of pickup noise, so you can capture pristine takes without hum.
  • With James Tyler Variax, there’s no need to interrupt the creative flow by finding, tuning and acclimating to the feel of a new instrument. You can easily switch between HD guitars and tunings just by turning the model knob—enabling you to stay in the moment.


The Variax HD upgrade and Workbench HD software are compatible with all James Tyler Variax guitars. These free updates can be downloaded at The James Tyler Variax can be purchased on Amazon here.