iRig PRO Review

iRig PRO Review

0 By Jason Matthew

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One of IK Multimedia’s newest additions to the iRig family of iOS mobile recording devices, the iRig PRO aims to combine the qualities of the previously released iRig PRE, iRig MIDI, and iRig HD. With 24-bit analog-to-digital conversion and the ability to record guitar, bass, MIDI data, and phantom-powered condenser mics, iRig PRO takes the crown as the best all-in-one recording interface for musicians on the go.

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Like all of IK Multimedia’s products, it couldn’t be easier to use the iRig PRO – you simply plug in, load up your favorite recording software, and play. There’s some great software included here, such as Amplitube Free, iGrand Piano Free, VocaLive Free, and iRig Recorder Free for iOS, as well as Amplitube Metal, T-RackS CS Classic, and SampleTank XT for Windows/ Mac. Aside from a phantom power switch (which requires an included 9-volt battery) there’s only one control knob on the iRig PRO, which controls the input gain and prevents you from recording too loudly or softly. Another great feature is the iRig PRO’s ability to work with third-party recording apps.

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The dual XLR/ 1/4 inch jack is a really neat idea, and allows the iRig PRO to keep a small, compact form factor. All the cables you need are included in the package, from MIDI and USB cables to 30-pin and Lightning for compatibility with all iOS devices as well as PC/ Mac. When using the Lightning connector on my iPad Mini, the digital connection provided an ultra-low noise profile compared to the headphone jack connection of the original iRig. I even recorded a bit of guitar on both my main audio interface, the Digidesign Mbox 2, and the iRig PRO to compare the sound quality. I ran both DI signals through the included Amplitube Metal in Pro Tools, and I was amazed to find that the samples were virtually indistinguishable from one another. You can hear the comparison for yourself below.

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With the iRig PRO‘s wealth of recording inputs, great sound quality and compact size – not to mention a host of included software – it’s easy to recommend this device. For $149 you get everything you need to record an entire band (if you have a virtual drum kit) – either on the go with mobile devices or in your DAW of choice.

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