IK Multimedia iRig MIC And iRig MIC Cast Review

IK Multimedia iRig MIC And iRig MIC Cast Review

0 By Jason Matthew

IK Multimedia’s iRig MIC and iRig MIC Cast are two outstanding peripherals for recording interviews, podcasts, live audio and more on the go.


IK Multimedia has quickly become a force to be reckoned with in the land of iOS and Android music recording. Well-regarded for their professional music production software such as the Amplitube amp simulator and T-RackS suite of mixing and mastering processors, they’ve since branched out with a lineup of mics, MIDI keyboards, guitar inputs, and more for mobile platforms. The iRig MIC and iRig MIC Cast are two great additions to their arsenal.


iRig MIC Guitar Recording


The iRig MIC is a condenser electret microphone with a quality grille and built-in windshield that plugs directly into any iOS device and most Android devices. It has a nice weight to it and feels just as durable as my SM57 mic, which gives a nice first impression. There’s no doubt that the iRig MIC can withstand some road travel and a few accidental drops – this is made from metal, not some cheap plastic. Once you’ve taken everything out of the package, you can download either the free iRig Recorder app or purchase the full version. In the settings of the iRig Recorder app you have a few options such as input and output level, Auto Recording, Input Monitoring, and Ogg Vorbis compression quality. You can even set up an FTP to upload your recordings directly from your device. There are some editing options available here, such as trimming audio as well as a decent set of basic audio filters like tone and volume optimization, basic EQ cleanup, and pitch shifting. The mic works with all recording apps, and the dual mini-jack connection allows for real-time monitoring.


iRig MIC with iPhone


The sound quality of the iRig MIC itself is quite good. Even in noisy environments, speech comes through crystal clear with no distortion. The cord has a device connector attached with an 1/8 inch mini jack for input and output, which can be used for headphones or a PA/ mixer. There are three different sensitivity settings on the mic itself, which users will want to adjust according to the volume and proximity of sound sources. On the low intensity setting whispers come through clearly, but you’ll want to up the setting to medium or high for louder sources like electric guitar or drums. For its MSRP of $59.99 the iRig MIC is a great deal for those looking to record interviews, class lectures, or even band practice. It even comes with a nice leather case and a mic stand clip.


iRig MIC Cast 2


IK Multimedia’s iRig MIC Cast, as the name suggests, is a small mic that attaches to the device and is used mainly for podcasts. This tiny mic does a stellar job of reducing background noise and hiss, and vocals come through clear and crisp. One really cool feature of this package is that it comes with a very solid stand for phones and tablets, which makes it even better for podcasts. Similar to the iRig MIC, the iRig MIC Cast has sensitivity settings – but only two of them. Still, they work really well, and it also features the real-time input monitoring that its big brother has, so it’s easy to make sure your levels are correct. Another great feature is that the input jacks for both the iRig MIC and iRig MIC Cast protrudes enough to get past most protective cases – there’s nothing worse than having to take a case off just to use a peripheral. The iRig MIC Cast retails for $39.99.


iRig MIC Cast 1


Overall, these are both brilliant mics for everything from recording memos to interviews and live sound. The sound capture quality is remarkable, and they couldn’t be any easier to use.