Infamous 2- PS Plus 60 Minute Trial Impressions

Infamous 2- PS Plus 60 Minute Trial Impressions

0 By Jason Matthew

Playstation Plus (a great service well worth the $50 annual subscription if you haven’t yet tried it) has been putting up 60 minute trials of games that you can download. They usually take up a lot of space, and inFamous 2 is no exception at 15 GB. However, I had a lot of fun with inFamous 2 in my 60 minutes, so it was worth the long download.

The first thing I noticed about inFamous 2 is they have greatly improved the graphics. inFamous 1 didn’t look terrible, it just looked passable for an open world game. inFamous 2 looks much better, especially in cutscenes. The facial animation and character models is pretty top-notch stuff.

The gameplay is not very much changed this time around, but it just seemed more fun. I recently played inFamous 1 again a bit when I got the game for free in Sony’s Welcome Back program. I bought the game originally when it came out in 2009, and traded it in shortly after. Since everyone kept talking about how great it was, I tried to pick it back up but I still find that game very boring, and it is usually difficult and hard to understand exactly what you need to do and where to go. inFamous 2 does not have these problems.

I was immediately pulled into the game through its well done cutscenes, and cool graphic novel-style intro. After that the gamed kept that hold on me through a very awesome fight with the Beast, who has been talked about since the first game. Basically he looked like the Fire Titan in God of War 3, but it was a great battle regardless. After that fight it becomes more like inFamous 1, once you make your way through some swampy areas and into the city of New Marais. New Marais is basically New Orleans, and it’s a cool looking environment, much more visually interesting than inFamous 1’s Empire City.

The combat and general movement seems improved quite a bit. I didn’t find myself falling off rooftops like in the first game, and riding the rails seemed better and faster than in 1. Also you can now “grind” up all kinds of railings, like on the sides of buildings etc, to move through the city much quicker than before. You now have a cool electric baton-type thing to beat people with, which makes hand to hand melee more fun.

Near the end of my 60 minutes, I got some cool new powers where Cole could pick up cars with his electricity and throw them at people. There was also an Assassin’s Creed inspired moment where Cole climbed a huge clock tower , and then electrified a pigeon. I still don’t know why I had to do that, but it was fun.

All in all, this 60 minute trial did what it was supposed to do. It got me hyped for the game and showed me why this game is better than inFamous 1. I definitely like the idea of these trials, and I will be giving my impressions on more of them as I get them. Once again, if you’re not already a PS Plus subscriber, I highly suggest you become one- you definitely get your money’s worth.