Immortals Review

Immortals Review

1 By Glen LaValley

I was lucky enough to see Universal’s Immortals, starring  newly cast Superman Henry Cavill, in 2D.


It is my belief that 3D is a fading fad, just as it was in the 50’s and again in the 80’s. Give me 3D without glasses, which doesn’t wash out the film’s colors, and we’ll talk.


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That being said, Immortals is an alright movie, but honestly, I forgot much of the film soon after leaving the theater. I wished there were more action scenes à la 300, which the action sequences here are patterned after: all slow-mo goodness and spurting blood. The trailers would have you believe that this is some sort of sequel to that film, especially since there were characters called Immortals in 300. The action in Immortals doesn’t quite hold up when compared to Zack Snyder’s testosterone-fueled opus, which is a better movie overall.


The story concerns Theseus (Henry Cavill), a demigod who is the spawn of a human woman and Zeus (he is unaware of this until the end of the movie). Henry plays him as Generic Mythical Action Hero, who is out for revenge against King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke) for killing Theseus’ mother in his search for a weapon. He’s looking for the Epirus Bow, a powerful, mythical weapon that can break free the imprisoned Titans, ancient enemies of the Olympus gods. Rourke is one of the film’s best assets. He plays a very, very bad man who wants revenge against the gods, who did not heed his cries for help when his entire village and family died of a plague. It’s too bad he plays such a great villian opposite a bland hero.


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The gods are forbidden to interfere in human matters, but when the Titans are finally let loose, they arrive to battle them in a spectacular sequence. After enduring the rest of this movie, it is very welcome. There a few other minor highlights, such as Theseus fighting a minotaur-like executioner, or battling alongside his small army against King Hyperion’s huge dark army (again, flashes of 300). Still, this is not enough to make Immortals a memorable movie.


[easyreview title=”Immortals” cat1title=”Summary” cat1detail=”While comparable in style to 300, it doesn’t hold a candle to that movie overall.” cat1rating=”2.0″]