IK Multimedia Announces iRig PRO

IK Multimedia Announces iRig PRO

0 By Jason Matthew

IK Multimedia has announced iRig PRO, an innovative new universal audio/ MIDI interface for iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone and Mac. iRig PRO allows musicians to record microphones, guitars, line instruments or MIDI devices while maintaining a very high portability factor. Including cables and inputs for virtually all audio and MIDI instruments, as well as phantom power ability and a host of software, the iRig PRO is the world’s first truly comprehensive mobile recording platform.


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The iRig PRO is pocket-sized and battery-powered, and designed to handle essentially any audio signal for recording whenever an idea may spark, on the road or in the studio. It can handle condenser and dynamic microphones, as well as guitar and bass inputs. Its MIDI input can accept data from keyboards, controllers and pads, and the audio and MIDI inputs can actually both be used simultaneously, for example to control effect levels with pedals/ foot controllers.


As with many of IK Multimedia’s mobile products, iRig PRO comes with some of IK’s finest music creation apps such as AmpliTube, VocaLive, SampleTank, iGrand and iRig Recorder (all of these are the FREE versions), and can be used with most other audio/ MIDI software on the mobile platform. Mac users will be able to take advantage of the included software like AmpliTube Custom Shop, a free version of AmpliTube Metal, T-RackS Custom Shop, and SampleTank XT, featuring over 1 GB of samples. iRig PRO can also be used with any other music creation software on the Mac platform.



As far as connections go, iRig PRO features a 1/4 inch XLR input, as well as a 1/4 inch input jack for guitar or bass. A 48v phantom power switch is included for use with condenser microphones. iRig PRO features an ultra-low noise, high definition mic/ instrument preamp, a 24 bit A/D converter, preamp gain control, and LED indicators for signal level, MIDI, phantom power and device status.


iRig PRO is powered via the connected iOS device or USB input, and includes a 9V battery to supply phantom power to condenser mics. Drum machines, controllers and keyboards can be connected with the standard MIDI input. Three detachable cables are included, for use with Lightning, 30-pin and USB inputs. A MIDI cable is also included so that virtually any device can be recorded with the iRig PRO without need for adapters.


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iRig PRO can be preordered now through the IK Online Store and via select retailers, and will be shipping in September. The device is priced at $149.99.