Hugh Jackman Wants Wolverine In The Avengers

Hugh Jackman Wants Wolverine In The Avengers

0 By Jason Matthew

Hugh Jackman sees a utopian world where studios are actually able to work together for the greater good. Avengers assemble!


Every comic fan knows the woes of licenses. Spider-Man is unlikely to show up in an Avengers movie – even though he’s been a part of the team, because he’s owned by Sony – not Marvel (as far as movie rights are concerned). In the same vein, the X-Men are unlikely to ever show up in an Avengers flick because they’re owned by Fox. Even so, Hugh Jackman (who has played Wolverine on film for almost 15 years for those out of the loop) is optimistic about such a team-up.


Jackman spoke to Collider this week about the possibility of Wolverine teaming up with Spider-Man or The Avengers, stating the following:


“I literally asked the same question the other day to Tom from Marvel who works with all the other studios, he works with Sony and Fox, that’s his job to liaise. I said, ‘Man, can this happen?’ and he goes ‘Look, it’s not gonna be easy because you’re working with different studios and they’re their properties.’ But I believe — maybe I’m optimistic, I understand at Marvel they’ve got The Avengers, they’ve got a lot of big things going on, but at some point I just find it almost impossible that there’s not a way to bring Iron Man, all the Avengers characters, Wolverine, the X-Men characters, Spider-Man, and somehow get them in together.”


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He continues to talk about the logistics and financial arrangements of such a studio collaboration.


“I don’t see the impediment!  I’m like, okay you’ve got three studios, just split it three ways in terms of the cost, and happy days it’s all coming together!  I would love to… I’m in for it, I’m totally up for it because I think that would be really exciting for fans across the board.”


When he puts it like that, it does make you wonder if the studios would ever be able to put aside their greed and petty egos for something like this. It would certainly be a box office smash, so I really don’t see the holdup. What do you think about this possibility? Let us know in the comments!