House Of The Dead 3 PlayStation 3 Review

House Of The Dead 3 PlayStation 3 Review

2 By Jason Matthew

House Of The Dead 3 first debuted in arcades in 2002. 10 years is a long time in video game years, especially for arcade games. Luckily, House Of The Dead 3 is still a blast to play.


This PlayStation 3 version of House of the Dead 3, available on the PlayStation Network for $7, is by far the best console port of the game. It’s been previously ported to Xbox, Windows and Wii (the latter of which suffered major framerate issues) throughout the years. Featuring Move support, this 2012 version perfectly captures the lightgun arcade feel, especially if you have a Sharp Shooter, where the reload is configured to the slide bar, really giving you that shotgun feel.


House of the Dead 3 Screen 2


Even when two players are blowing away zombies, the framerate never dips.The graphics have received the obligatory HD treatment, increasing the resolution. The original arcade 4:3 aspect ratio is kept, due to House of the Dead 3 being made and balanced for 4:3. Widescreen would have been nice, but not at the expense of balanced gameplay.


House of the Dead 3 Screen 1


Speaking of gameplay, House of the Dead 3 is as fun as ever. You carry a shotgun throughout the entire half hour runtime, but luckily Wow Entertainment and Sega made this shotgun fun to use. With gore turned up to eleven in options, you’ll be able to punch holes right through the fat gut of blob zombies, blow heads clean off, and even get some spread damage in between two enemies. The shotgun reloads incredibly fast, nowhere near realistically, but it keeps the gameplay fast and fun.



There’s not a whole lot of extras here. There’s an unlockable interview, as well as harder difficulty levels. There’s also a Time Attack mode and ranked leaderboards, which are quite a challenge; you’re given only one life and you start from the beginning if you lose. House of the Dead 3 can be completed inside of a half hour, and there’s not a ton of replay value afterwards. There are branching paths, however, which can give you game time a tiny bit of variation. The boss fights are fun, and with two players using Move controllers they’re even better. Unfortunately, there’s absolutely no variation as far as enemy encounters; these zombies will pop out at the same points every time you replay the game. There’s also no online co-op, which would have been neat.


In the end, you’re getting an arcade-perfect port of House Of The Dead 3, as well as Trophy support and a few extras. If you’re a fan of the series or this genre, it’s not a bad deal at all.


[easyreview title=”House Of The Dead 3 Score” cat1title=”Summary” cat1detail=”A fun, nostalgic romp through Dr. Curien’s nightmarish lab. The lightgun feel of House of the Dead 3 is captured perfectly with PS Move and the Sharp Shooter, and the graphics have never looked smoother or sharper.” cat1rating=”4.0″ summary=”4.0/5 “]