Hideo Kojima Wants A Metal Gear Solid Remake Using FOX Engine

Hideo Kojima Wants A Metal Gear Solid Remake Using FOX Engine

0 By Jason Matthew

Hideo Kojima wants to remake Metal Gear Solid once more, this time using the FOX Engine showcased in Metal Gear Solid V.


Yes, we all know that Metal Gear Solid has already received a remake in 2004’s Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, which was developed by Silicon Knights and exclusive to the Nintendo Gamecube. Honestly, that remake was probably done way too quickly, as only six years had passed between 1998’s PlayStation original when the remake was released. Now that more time has passed and technology has advanced quite a bit as we prepare for the next generation of consoles, Hideo Kojima has announced at E3 2013 that he wants to once again modernize Metal Gear Solid using the FOX Engine, and is currently looking for a studio to do just that.


Kojima Wants MGS FOX Engine Remake - Twin Snakes


His decision might also have something to do with the fact that the Twin Snakes remake was exclusive to Nintendo, which means it couldn’t be ported to other systems when the Metal Gear Solid HD and Legacy Collections released. It makes sense to upgrade it one more time for posterity’s sake. We’ll definitely keep you posted if any more news comes up about this remake.