Harbinger #13 Review

Harbinger #13 Review

0 By Nate Gray

While sent under the pretense of rescue, Peter and ‘The Renegades’ mistake the efforts of Bloodshot, leading to unwarranted bloodshed in Harbinger #13.


Valiant Comics Harbinger #13 coverI’ve been looking forward to delving back into the world of Harbinger, quickly becoming one of my favorite comic universes to immerse myself in. It’s been a while since I’ve checked in, wrapped up in other things, and had a mini-trove of issues waiting for my rabid fan-boy consumption. When I last left off, Hope was busy trying to rescue her allies from their captivity. Yes, it’s been a while, and a lot has happened since then.


Touched on in the companion book series, Harbinger Wars, a group of psiot children escaped the grasp of their captors and have been on the run. The ‘monk’, a powerful cognitive entity seemingly manipulating the world from the shadows, has been steering our group of heroes toward said children, holed up in a casino of all places. While sent under the pretense of rescuing these children from the incoming danger, Peter and ‘The Renegades’ mistake the efforts of Bloodshot, a nigh immortal ‘psiot killer’ once but no more at Harada’s behest, leading to unwarranted bloodshed. Well, potentially unwarranted, since that’s where the issue ended. Friggin’ cliffhangers.


Whether these actions were intentionally set into motion by the monk or simply the product of information misconstrued remains to be seen. Harada, meanwhile, is involved in his own confrontation, finally going up against his previous supporter and uber frenemy, Rising Spirit, in a bid to protect his forced-evolution technology and keep it from the hands of those who’d monger war. Irony at its finest. We witness the frightful powers of Harada’s companions as the very dead rise from the ground and begin what’s sure to be an interesting fight between two exceedingly powerful, and morally ambiguous, men and their ideals.