Halo TV Series Announced

Halo TV Series Announced

0 By Zach Kircher

Courtesy of Steven Spielberg and 343 Industries, Halo is coming to television and will be part of the Xbox One’s original programming.


At the Xbox One press conference on Wednesday, Microsoft revealed something that I think is even more exciting than the console itself.


343 Industries is producing a live-action Halo television show, with legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg (Indiana Jones, JawsSaving Private RyanJurassic ParkSchindler’s List) serving as executive producer. Considering the talent Mr. Spielberg has, along with the fact that he is an admitted gamer, I am tremendously excited for the idea that one of my favorite video game franchises will be given proper treatment on television.



As of now, no other information has been disclosed about the series, aside from the fact that it will be part of the Xbox One’s original programming despite not being exclusive to that network. However, when more information becomes available, we will follow up on that. Who knows, perhaps this TV show will eventually lead to the film adaptation we have been waiting so many years for! Let’s hope that is the case.


Halo Forward Unto Dawn Screen Master Chief Spartan



To hear Steven Spielberg’s thoughts on video games and the upcoming show, check out the video above.