GX Gaming Gila Gaming Mouse Review

GX Gaming Gila Gaming Mouse Review

0 By Jason Matthew

The GX Gaming Gila Gaming Mouse is the most ergonomic and functional mouse in its price range.


For the uninitiated, a $100 price point for a mouse might seem pretty steep. I understand that sentiment- before getting my hands on the Genius GX Gaming Gila Gaming Mouse, I didn’t know what I was missing. Being the first mouse above $30 I’ve ever owned or touched, I can say without fear of hyperbole that the GX Gaming Gila has changed the way I view PC gaming.



Once my mind wrapped itself around the Gila‘s incredibly detailed customization, I began to realize just how incredibly cool this thing is. Once you install the driver and program that come with the Gila, you can start tweaking it to your heart’s content- you can change the color of every individual set of lights on the mouse, as well as dpi (all the way from 100 to 8200) and sensitivity settings. You can save multiple profiles (including light settings), all with different macros, button configurations, dpi settings and lights. As if that wasn’t enough, the Gila comes with 5 weight plates that can be swapped in and out to further tweak the mouse to your personal preference. You can change dpi on the fly with a dedicated button on the mouse, with six settings to choose from. With easy access to volume control as well as page back/ forward, the Gila is also well-suited to basic internet browsing as well; you won’t need to unhook it constantly for your basic desktop functions.


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You can change the lights to just about any color you can think of – I have a red theme for Diablo 3, Jedi blue for Star Wars: The Old Republic, and a green theme to match my light-up keyboard for general web browsing and editing. Not only do the lights look incredibly badass, but you can instantly divine what settings you currently have just by the color theme. If you have a very high dpi and button assignments for a certain game, you’ll be completely thrown off when switching to basic browsing, so this feature comes in very handy.You can even change how quickly or slowly the lights pulsate (or keep them steady), as well as change the brightness intensity from high all the way to off. Even after days of testing the Gila, I still get a kick out of changing the light options.


Beyond the coolness factor, the Gila is just an undeniably well-made, very ergonomic mouse. This mouse just feels right, with a solid built quality and relatively heavy feel, even without the extra weight plates. I put three of the plates in eventually, and now it feels just about perfect- but I’m sure I’ll be forever tweaking this mouse just for the fun of it. The design of the mouse is very sleek without being gaudy.



The sides, where your thumb and pinky would rest, are fitted with rubber for a better grip. The mouse comes packed with pads you can stick to the bottom surface to make it glide more easily on your mousepad, and the way the Gila is shaped lets your thumb and pinky rest comfortably. The Gila is marketed towards the MMO/ RTS crowd, but I found that being able to greatly tweak the dpi and sensitivity, as well as the solid weight and ergonomic shape of the mouse, greatly improved my PC FPS gaming as well. Whereas before I would automatically default to using an Xbox controller on any game that supported it, now that I finally got my hands on a quality mouse, I can see why the PC crowd always raves about the advantage of a mouse and keyboard. One of the coolest functions is the Gila’s Sniper mode, which can be assigned to any button- it instantly drops the dpi down to the lowest possible setting, allowing for maximum accuracy in the heat of a firefight. Going from an Xbox controller to this kind of incredible precision was an eye-opening experience. The mouse also sports onboard memory, to prevent game block and improve response time, which was flawless in all my tests. It even has a gold-plated USB connector and 1.8 meter tangle-free braided cable.


The GX Gaming Gila Gaming Mouse is by far the most ergonomic, functional, well-built mouse I’ve yet encountered. Its exceedingly high level of customization gives gamers more control than any other mouse in its price range, and I highly recommend it for hardcore PC gamers. Now that I’ve seen what a night-and-day difference a high-end mouse can make, I’d have a hell of a hard time going back.