Girl Fight Review

Girl Fight Review

0 By Jason Matthew

I remember posting a preview for Girl Fight over a year and a half ago, when the game was just about to be released. Since then the game completely dropped off the radar and quickly faded from my memory, and I imagine many other gamers assumed that it was canceled. Lo and behold, the game was still in development, and recently released on the PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE. This piqued my curiosity, and I felt a strong desire to see for myself if the game’s long gestation period amounted to something worthwhile. I’m saddened to say that while the game’s graphics and frame rate are passable, virtually everything else about Girl Fight feels unfinished.


Girl Fight PlayStation 3 PS3 PSN Screen


The game has the most paper-thin of stories, driven by the narration of a robotic A.I. (think a low-budget GlaDOS) in between matches. Apparently, an organization called THE FOUNDATION is attempting to hone the latent psionic abilities of female fighters in a virtual reality simulation. The women are all clad in ultra-revealing attire that would feel right at home in the Dead Or Alive series, but unfortunately the gameplay is nowhere near as deep or fun. Only one fighter, War Child,  is available at the outset of the game – which feels like a weak way to pad out the length – and the simplistic kick-punch combinations require almost no strategy; button mashers will feel right at home. The only real challenge comes from the end boss, Chrome, who simply deals far more damage than any of the other fighters and will surely infuriate players.


Girl Fight Screen 1 PS3


One key addition is the PSI abilities, which can be used to heal your fighter or offer an array of offensive assaults. Points are accrued through winning matches, which can be used to upgrade your PSI abilities or unlock new ones, as well as stuff like extra costumes and some gallery photos. Unfortunately, the extra costumes are all simple palette swaps (think back to the old Mortal Kombat days), and the gallery is full of exploitative artwork featuring the girls in sexy poses, with even less clothes than usual. Sure, Dead Or Alive packs a similar amount of sexuality, but that series has great gameplay to back it up, as well as a large amount of truly different unlockable costumes. And more than eight characters!


Girl Fight Wrench Sexy Unlock PS3

These are the kind of unlockables you’ll find in Girl Fight.


There are no intro or ending cinematics (not even pictures with narration), which makes the game feel extremely cheap and even rushed – ironic given its protracted development. As such, we learn next to nothing about these characters aside from what we can ascertain from their wardrobe, and all you get for completing the campaign is a scantily-clad render and serious confusion about the game’s plot. While Girl Fight has a neat cel-shaded visual style that sets it apart from other games of its ilk, there’s really nothing else to write home about, which is a shame.