Girl Fight – First Fighter And Arena Revealed

Girl Fight – First Fighter And Arena Revealed

0 By Jason Matthew

Girl Fight was announced just a few short weeks ago, but its release is not too far around the corner. Kung Fu Factory and Microprose have officially unveiled the first fighter and her arena for the upcoming all-female fighting game.


Here’s our first look at the character of Wrench, an incredibly intelligent woman who graduated from MIT at the age of 19. She changed the world with such innovations as developing a method for safely fusing atomic nuclei, and has advanced almost every field of medicine with surgical inventions. Now 26, she has sacrificed many other aspects of her life in order to accomplish her goals in such a short time period. Little does she know, a shadowy organization plans on using one of her own inventions against her.


Girl Fight Game - Wrench PSN XBox 360


Wrench’s arena is “Mech Battle”. The picture and name says it all- you fight in Wrench’s garage  which overlooks a scene of massive mechs fighting against one another.


Girl Fight Arena - Wrench - Mech Battle


Girl Fight is heading for a Spring release on PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE Arcade.