Get On My Level: Chris “PWNdarz” Li Interview

Get On My Level: Chris “PWNdarz” Li Interview

1 By Jessica Winkler

You’ve seen them play, and sometimes awkwardly answer questions after tournament matches during stream interviews, but how much do you really know about League of Legends’ top players? Team Complexity (coL) is not as well known as SoloMid or CLG, but that doesn’t make them any less able to kick ass. I interviewed one of their members, Chris “PWNdarz” Li, to get his point of view on his team, game mechanics, and player tips.


How long have you been playing League of Legends?

I didn’t play in the Beta. I can’t remember the exact month, but it was back when Mordekaiser came out.


How long has the coL League of Legends team been playing together?

Nubby and I have been playing together for a year. But this new roster? Only a few weeks.


If you had to go on a date with another member of your team, who would it be and why?

A date?! Um…I would say Yuhn. Because we have the most in common.


Who is your favorite champion to play? If you could get away with NEVER playing a champion again, who would it be?

My favorite is Amumu.  And never play? Sona. I really hate Sona. They make me play Sona because they think she’s good, but I hate playing her with a passion.


You’re currently just above 2.2k ELO. How difficult was it for you to get to that point?

Not very difficult. I was stuck at 1500 for a while, then got to 1800 in solo queue. I duo’ed with Phaxen to 2100 in two days, and 2.1-2.2k with Yuhn over the course of a few weeks.



So you think it’s better to duo than just go solo?

I think yes, because number one, you get to play with someone you know and it makes it more enjoyable. Secondly, if you play support/jungle/tank, it’s nice to know someone else is there who knows what they’re doing to back you up. You know how solo queue is. It can be pretty inconsistent.


Who is, to you, team coL’s biggest rival?

Hmm. I would say TSM for sure is our biggest competition.  They’ve been playing together for a long time, and just their amount of coordination…


What’s the most embarrassing mistake you’ve made in a game?

There’s a ton. When you flash and you just smack the wall instead of going over it. Or when I ulti as Amumu before my bandage connects and I ult nothing.


Why do you think team coL isn’t as well known as some of the other teams?

We don’t stream as often as they do.


As a team, does coL fill in their team comp with each person assigned to a role, or do you base it more off of the pool of champions each of you is good with?

Pool of champions. We talked about it as a team and didn’t like the idea of each person confined to just support, or jungling. It keeps you from being cornered into a role and having the other team “hate ban” you.



As a team, what is coL’s biggest challenge?

As of now, working with the new roster. As you know, we’ve been switching up the roster a lot. Getting acquainted with each others’ play styles is the biggest thing right now.


If you could change one thing about League of Legends, what would it be?

When you die, you don’t lose gold. I think that’s dumb. When you die, I think a percentage of your gold should be lost. The way it’s structured right now, it’s like…you can play a support and have 30 deaths, stack GP 5 and put wards everywhere and still be viable.


If you could hang out with one player for a day, who would it be?

I’d hang out with you.  :3


Last question. If you could only give one piece of advice to players trying to get higher ELO and play competitively, what would it be?

Be versatile, able to fill multiple roles. Don’t only learn to play carries. It’s all about being team oriented.




If you want to learn more about team Complexity, visit their website or watch their stream.