Fuel Overdose Launch Trailer

Fuel Overdose Launch Trailer

0 By Jason Matthew

Fuel Overdose gets a new trailer focusing on its more technical aspects.


Indie developer I-Friqiya has released a new trailer for its upcoming game Fuel Overdose, coming to PlayStation Network on December 21st, 2012.


This trailer emphasizes the game’s tactical aspects, and the decisions you’ll need to make before and during a race to take the lead and keep it. You’ll need to carefully pore over each racer’s skillset, and choose your vehicle and weaponry with a strategy in mind. Do you try to take the lead from the outset, or turn the tide of the race at the last second? Do you focus more on attacking your opponents with weapons, or stick to out-driving them? Though Fuel Overdose is an arcade-style racer, it has an element of strategy that sets it apart from the pack. You can find more info at the game’s website.




Check out some new screens for Fuel Overdose below!


Fuel Overdose Screen 1