Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC – Lightning And Amodar Battle Review

Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC – Lightning And Amodar Battle Review

17 By Jason Matthew

Final Fantasy XIII-2  is a great game, which we recently awarded 4.5/5 stars. The Final Fantasy franchise ventures into the realm of DLC for the first time ever with its recent Lightning And Lt. Amodar Battle DLC. So how does it pan out?


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Unfortunately, and surely much to the chagrin of those who witnessed the ending of Final Fantasy XIII-2 , this DLC does not add on to the base story. Instead, this is a stand alone battle against Lightning and her mentor, and in actuality you’re really only fighting the “spirits” of them. When you purchase and install the DLC and boot up the game, the Historia Crux will take you straight to a new spot on the timeline, The Coliseum. You’ll be confronted by the Arbiter Of Time and he’ll tell you how you can fight the spirits of warriors here and add them to your party. I’m sure Square Enix intends to release more battles like this (let us fight Cloud and Tidus and add them to our party!), which would be pretty cool.


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At the start of the battle Lightning will talk some smack to your party, stating that there’s no chance the two of you can beat her. In actuality, Lightning isn’t the real problem. You’ll work on her with a RAV/RAV/RAV set up and take her down to about 75% health, and then her buddy Amodar steps in, and basically crushes you. Even after beating the main game, you’ll probably need to do some heavy leveling up before you take on this DLC; it’s certainly no cakewalk. It’s a bit odd that it isn’t stated on the store that this DLC should only be downloaded after beating the main game/ doing lots of side quests, and there will likely be a lot of frustrated lower-level  players when they get their asses handed to them by Amodar in less than two minutes.


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Once you get past this insane battle, luckily you’re well rewarded. Basically, Lightning and Amodar are unlocked as Level 5 monsters, and are very powerful even from level 1. It takes a lot of monster components to level them up, but even at their lowest levels they can deal colossal damage. In the end, I’m glad to have this mini-expansion to Final Fantasy XIII-2 , but players should understand what they’re getting into before purchase. The DLC is well priced at only $2.99, but I would love to see some story expansion DLC soon.


[easyreview title=”Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC – Lightning And Amodar Battle Score” cat1title=”Summary” cat1detail=”A cool battle that adds a small amount of new content to Final Fantasy 13-2, however this will frustrate low-level players greatly. I’d rather see story add-on DLC, but this is a neat expansion regardless, and a fun challenge for experienced players.” cat1rating=”3.0″ summary=”3/5 Decent”]