Feature: NYCC Square Enix Action Figures

Feature: NYCC Square Enix Action Figures

0 By Michael Uy


NYCC Square Enix Action Figures Ryu Street Fighter Cammy Akuma


Characters from the Street Fighter series share the case with Dante from Devil May Cry. I cannot imagine a universe where a person would own this set and not have them strewn about on a coffee table in between staged matches. A child being told not to touch these because they aren’t playthings would cry several rivers after questioning the decency of adults.  Seriously! Ryu is about to throw a hadoken fireball and it’s sitting on a flying base! Have a heart!


NYCC Square Enix Action Figures Master Chief Halo 4



Spartans from Halo had their own case. It would be hard not to resist reenacting episodes of Red vs. Blue with these guys. I am especially impressed with the level of details in their suits. They are beautifully weathered, made to look as if they’ve gone through some combat.


At this point my wallet was screaming for me to get it out and use it. I kept having to tell it there isn’t enough at its disposal to purchase all that we want and still keep us fed for the next week. The next display case told me I was in dangerous territory and I really had to get out of there before my will was broken.


NYCC Square Enix Action Figures Metal Gear Solid


The above picture should pull at our Editor-in-Chief Jay Bakker’s heartstrings, being the giant fanboy of the series that he is. Characters from the Metal Gear franchise adorned in glorious detail and facial expressions occupy one of the displays. A closer look to the older Snake’s face reveals fine detail work in his beard. They also come with accessories that beg for you to play with them. This is the set that you can’t just buy one of. Come to think of it, they’re all like that…


The next two images remind us squarely (no pun intended) of whose booth we’re in:


NYCC Square Enix Action Figures Lara Croft Tomb Raider


NYCC Square Enix Action Figures Agent 47 Hitman


Lara Croft and Agent 47 from their upcoming releases Tomb Raider and Hitman: Absolution each standing solo, enjoying their own exclusive cases.


Square Enix offered their fans a great variety of products during the convention and being invited to their press exclusives made the NYCC experience a lot more fun for me. I look forward to the future release of these products and I hope I don’t regret my not purchasing any of these amazing figures too much.

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