Feature: NYCC Square Enix Action Figures

Feature: NYCC Square Enix Action Figures

0 By Michael Uy

An in-depth look at Square Enix’s Play Arts 2013 line of action figures, featuring some of gaming’s best heroes and heroines.


Here I was, thinking they only made video games. Then, I took a stroll through the Square Enix booth on the New York Comic Con show floor. What was going to be a ten minute walk-through turned into about an hour as I jockeyed for position among the zero-elbow-room crowd to get shots of these highly photogenic and poseable action figures. It was the truest test of my willpower as I had arguments with the magic card that can zap currency out of my bank account and place them into the hands of the people who made these works of art. I still haven’t decided whether my logical brain’s triumph was a good thing or not.


But, I digress. Behold!


NYCC Square Enix Action Figures Mass Effect Shepard


Pictured above are the incredibly detailed and poseable selection created for the Mass Effect franchise. These clearly aren’t toys to get your six-year-olds, and not just because there are choking hazards. Oh, and don’t call them toys. What’s next?


NYCC Square Enix Action Figures Cowboy Bebop


Seeing characters from Cowboy Bebop in action figure form was a mighty delight. Check out the coloring and shading on Spike’s clothing. Such attention to detail remind me as to why I don’t collect action figures: One isn’t supposed to play with the collectible ones and keep them in the packaging, all pristine and whatnot. At the same time, I want to frickin’ play with them!


The next batch I’m going to show you should prove my point.


NYCC Square Enix Action Figures Arkham City Batman Harley Quinn Joker Catwoman


Batman: Arkham City figures. Holy crap, Batman! There are at least 26 points of articulation in these figures, including the capes. That way, they can be modeled to showcase action sequences. The Joker pictured above is still unpainted and was considered a prototype. Though, I know enough people who are giant-enough nerds. They wouldn’t be opposed to purchasing him on-sight with the intention of applying paint themselves.


While the Batman figures might be a little hard to put into a glass case and never, ever touch, the next display would be impossible to not handle and have them fight each other.


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