Feared – Furor Incarnatus Review

Feared – Furor Incarnatus Review

0 By Jason Matthew

 Feared’s Furor Incarnatus is one of the first must-buy metal albums of 2013.


First things first: if you enjoy metal guitar, audio gear demos or want to learn how to get started making your own heavy mixes, Feared and Six Feet Under guitarist Ola Englund’s YouTube channel is the place to be. He always has interesting new videos to watch, and he’s a genuinely nice dude.



With that out of the way, Feared has recently released a crushing metal album, Furor Incarnatus. Feared is essentially a two-man band; Ola Englund handles guitar and bass duties (as well as the mix), and Mario Santos Ramos is on vocals. Kevin Talley (Chimaira, Misery Index, Six Feet Under, Daath) has been enlisted for drumming duties on this album, whereas on previous Feared albums (to the best of my knowledge) the drums were programmed. That’s one of the coolest things about Furor Incarnatus– it shows just how much you can accomplish on your own, without the need for a record company behind you. It’s a brave new world.


Album opener “Live In You” starts out with an Opeth-esque acoustic melody, and once it hits full force Furor hardly lets up. This song features hard-hitting drums, intense guitar riffing, and brutal vocals. Switching between crunchy rhythms, dissonant chords, and Pantera-style grooves, “Live In You” is equal parts heavy and melodic, featuring a catchy lead guitar run near the middle that fades into a slamming breakdown by the end. “Breathing Failure” features a groove-metal riff throughout the verses, a Lamb of God-esque lead line in the chorus, and a stellar lead guitar solo by Per Nillson of Scar Symmetry. The song closes with an epic breakdown that’s impossible not to headbang along to.




“Possessed” is my personal favorite track on the album. A fast-paced, chaotic metal anthem, the track showcases Mario’s guttural vocals, while perfectly melding with Ola’s incredibly catchy riffs and Talley’s  thunderous drumming. The song feels like a symbiotic merging of Chimaira and Lamb of God, and a searing lead punctuates the track before one final, energetic chorus. This track just screams circle pit. “Warbound” is another great track, and it’s fun to hear recognizable riffs from Ola’s amp test videos. The outro “End” packs some memorable melodic guitar runs, and is a very solid instrumental closer. It’s definitely lighter in tone that the rest of the album, but it works quite well, and displays the band’s musical diversity.


Feared’s Furor Incarnatus is a diverse, unique album that never feels repetitive or cliche. A few tracks feel a bit forgettable, but on the whole this album is very strong. The outstanding mix by Ola Englund makes the album even stronger, with a punchy, clean,  professional sound that jumps right out of your speakers. Furor Incarnatus can proudly stand toe-to-toe with the best metal albums of the past few years. You can buy it now on iTunes, or directly from the band’s site here. It’s also available on Amazon and Spotify.