DLC Review- Skarlet- Mortal Kombat 9

DLC Review- Skarlet- Mortal Kombat 9

0 By Jason Matthew

Mortal Kombat by NetherRealm Studios is an awesome game that I reviewed not too long ago. I highly recommend the game to fighting game fans.

Now NetherRealm has unleashed the first DLC for the game, in a female kombatant named Skarlet. She is the 33rd fighter on the roster for the game. I’ve purchased Skarlet and played with her quite a bit, and I have to say that she is very cool and fun to fight with. But is she worth the $5 admission price?


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Skarlet’s story is similar to Ermac’s or perhaps Mileena’s. She is another mystical construct of Shang Tsung’s, molded together from the blood of Shao Kahn’s arena to fight for him. Similar to how Ermac is comprised entirely of souls, Skarlet is made entirely out of blood. Players could see Skarlet tied up in the background of one of Mortal Kombat’s levels during gameplay, and also in the Story mode. She was hung there to feed off of the blood of the kombatants who died in the arena.

Skarlet was originally rumored to be a secret character in Mortal Kombat 2, but was in actuality a color glitch for Kitana, much like the rumored Ermac was a color glitch for Scorpion. The red bikini-clad warrior weilds 4 kunai and short ninja blades.

Skarlet is very fast, and similar in fighting style to Kitana. Her projectiles are kunai, which she throws in pairs. One cool feature she has is that she can throw the first kunai and delay the second throw as long as you want, which definitely has some tactical advantages, especially online players who try to be super cheap with Kano.


Mortal Kombat DLC Review Skarlet


Just like the other female warriors on Kombat’s roster, Skarlet is built more for speed than strength. She has some cool Smoke-esque teleportation moves that give her an edge in battle.

She has a gruesome X-Ray move, where she stabs her opponent in the temple with a kunai, and then kick her heel straight through their eyeball. Ouch.


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She also has some cool Fatalities. Her main fatality is pretty brutal, showing her slitting her opponent’s throat straight through to the spine, and soaking in the resulting plasma shower.

So it all comes down to this: is Skarlet worth 5 bucks? Really, it depends on whether you’ve mastered the rest of the roster and want a new face, and also whether you enjoy fighting with the ladies. She looks cool, she fights fast and furiously, and she definitely earns the right to be called a Mortal Kombat fighter with some of the most brutal moves displayed thus far. I don’t regret the purchase.