Did Valve Show Half-Life 3 At GDC?

Did Valve Show Half-Life 3 At GDC?

0 By Jason Matthew

 Is Half-Life 3 a real thing? Some interesting Twitter remarks would lead us to believe so…


A series of interesting tweets from GDC have surfaced, leaving many gamers wondering if the long-rumored Half-Life 3 is finally real.


Lead designer for Battlefield 3, David Goldfarb, stated the following. “Saw Valve today. The have very nice things.” Mojang’s Marcus Persson immediately replied with, “hl3 confirmed?” to which Goldfarb (@locust9) tweeted back, “My silence must be interpreted as silence.” @notch  pushed further, saying, “Reply to this tweet if hl3 is confirmed.” The response was, “I will show my answer with some interpretive dance. Look closely.”


Did Valve Show Half-Life 3 At GDC- - David Goldfarb Tweet Twitter Notch


Of course, fans have been wishing for a sequel to 2004’s seminal first-person shooter Half-Life 2 for a very long time now. Half-Life 3 has attained almost mythical status, and many have joked that Valve is incapable of creating a third entry of any franchise.  But honestly, this could be anything. It could easily be Source 2 that was shown or demoed, as many companies are unveiling their next-gen technology. It would stand to reason that Source 2 would be revealed before Half-Life 3, although that particular game would certainly make for a fine display of what it’s capable of.


Did Valve Show Half-Life 3 At GDC- - Half-Life 2 Screen


Perhaps both will be revealed to the public soon? What do you think? Is it Half-Life 3, HL2 Episode 3, or something totally different? Something about Steambox? Let us know your thoughts!