Developer Interview With Scarygirl Producer Peter Dassenko

Developer Interview With Scarygirl Producer Peter Dassenko

0 By Jason Matthew

Metal Arcade got the chance to talk to Scarygirl producer Peter Dassenko about the upcoming PSN/ XBLA title.


Scarygirl is a game based upon a graphic novel by Nathan Jurevicius and developed by TikGames. It’s launching on Xbox Live today, and will be available next Tuesday on the PlayStation Network. We talked to the producer of Scarygirl, Peter Dassenko of TikGames, about the title.


Nathan Jurevicius’ Scarygirl graphic novel looks to have a very interesting, if odd, story- yet it’s wordless. Will there be any sort of voice work, text or narration to explain the premise to the player, or will the Scarygirl game be wordless as well?


Peter Dassenko-  The game has narration that explains the storyline. It’s both narrated and subtitled. You’ll know what’s going on.


Scarygirl has a beautiful, storybook art style. Was this difficult to achieve, and did you ever consider going with 2D hand drawn animation?


It was difficult to take art that was originally 2D and recreate it in 3D, but having Nathan work closely with us certainly helped this. I think at one point we considered going 2D, but we all felt pretty strongly about bringing it to life in 3D.


Developer Interview With Scarygirl Producer Peter Dassenko


Scarygirl’s story is separate from the graphic novel. Did you work with Nathan Jurevicius on the story? Is the game’s story considered canon?


We did work closely with Nathan on the story as well as the look and feel of the game. He actually worked on site with us towards the end of the project to help with polish. As far as if it’s part of the canon – that’s up to Nathan and future fan wikis to decide!


The gameplay seems to draw inspiration from classic sidescrollers. Can you tell us what games the team was inspired by during the development of Scarygirl?


Subconciously, it could have been anything we were playing during the development cycle. I think, though, most people are going to think we were inspired by Klonoa when they see the game in motion.


Developer Interview With Scarygirl Producer Peter Dassenko


In the game, Scarygirl finally meets the man that haunts her dreams. What does this mean for the franchise? Will this be the end of her story? Can you tell us anything about a potential sequel, or perhaps DLC?


Well, I can’t tell you what happens at the end, but I can tell you there are choices at the end. I think there are plenty of places to go in the Scarygirl world. What you see in the game is just the tip of a scary iceberg. Certainly with any game we’d love to do a sequel, but at the moment we’re concentrating on getting this game launched, and we’re working on DLC right now.