DayZ Is So Good, It’s Getting Its Own Standalone Game

DayZ Is So Good, It’s Getting Its Own Standalone Game

0 By Kayla Herrera

There’s nothing we love more than yet another zombie-themed video game resurrected amidst the public’s living dead obsession. The overwhelmingly popular zombie survival mod, DayZ, for ArmA II will be officially getting its own standalone game.


DayZ Steam screen


DayZ creator, Dean Hall, noted in a Twitter post that he would be project lead and Bohemia Interactive, the same company that developed the ArmA series, will also develop and publish the zombie game. As part of Hall’s personal statement, he was quoted saying, “The project will follow the Minecraft development model; fast iterations with the community alpha available for a heavily discounted price.”


In DayZ, you spawn on an island with very little to protect yourself in a world of leering death. Rather than following a scripted story, you create your own with the decisions you make, in terms of who you decide to trust (if anyone) and where to trek. In a world of the living dead, the zombies are just one of the threats on your radar. It is the other players, like you, that will endanger your life. Just like in common zombie television shows and films, a desperate human makes for a dangerous predator. DayZ encapsulates the bona fide experience of living a zombie apocalypse.


DayZ Steam screen 2 WarZ mod


DayZ is an infant in the gaming market- yet the popularity of the mod has boosted ArmA II sales through the roof to record numbers, putting it in a top slot on the Steam Marketplace. Recently, DayZ hit one million unique players. It’s success like this that has driven Hall and Bohemia Interactive to expand DayZ into a standalone game.


Developing DayZ into its own game gives Hall and Bohemia Interactive a chance to iron out the kinks, and make it even more sensational than it is right now. Being an early mod, there are still bugs that need to be worked out before a truly beautiful product can be revealed. The PC crowd could dip in the other direction and completely detest the idea of DayZ becoming its own game; there really is no way to tell how everyone will react until the game is released.


A release date has yet to be given, but those who have purchased the mod will continue to receive updates.