Cross Game Chat Will Never Come to PS3, Says Sony

Cross Game Chat Will Never Come to PS3, Says Sony

0 By Jason Matthew

Sony has revealed today that the much-talked about feature, cross game chat, will unfortunately never be making it to the PlayStation 3. The rumors started heating up recently when it was announced that the Playstation Vita handheld would have the feature.


Sony’s Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida had a conversation with Eurogamer to put the rumors to rest, and explained exactly why it won’t work: RAM. Apparently, no one thought about the possibility of cross game chat when the system was designed, and so the games are designed to use all of the system’s pretty limited memory.


“Once a game gets RAM we never give it back,” Yoshida told Eurogamer. “It’s not possible to retrofit something like that after the fact.”


Sony recently revealed that the Vita actually has more RAM than the PS3 does, which is why the cross game chat function can work. The Playstation Vita has 512MB of RAM and 128MB of V-RAM, versus the PS3’s 256MB of system RAM and 256MB of video RAM.


So that’s the end of that. Certainly sucks, but the Vita will be packing this much-wanted feature to make up for it.