Capcom Shares Details on Street Fighter x Tekken at Gamescom

Capcom Shares Details on Street Fighter x Tekken at Gamescom

1 By Julian Titus


Capcom had a new trailer for Street Fighter x Tekken to show off at Gamescom, and this one unveiled the core game mechanics for the highly anticipated crossover.



It was hard to say when the game was announced just what it would be. Would it be Street Fighter IV with Tekken characters added in? Would it be a “vs.” type of game, with high-jumps, 15 hit aerial combos, and screen-filling supers? Or would it be an entirely different animal entirely? While it’s still too early to say for certain, the trailer makes it look to be a little of column A, a little of column B, and a whole lot of column C.



Gone are the Focus Attacks that defined high-level play for SF IV. Now, the medium punch and kick are used for all things tag; a quick press to bring in your partner, or used with commands for team-based supers or the insane gang up attacks that bring to mind the Dramatic Battle mode from the Alpha games. Pressing the hard attacks together is your launcher, meaning that everyone has a way to pop someone up for some good old fashioned juggling. The trailer doesn’t say anything about being able to counter or escape this move,but it’s possible that the launcher will be a quick way to punish missed moves. Most surprising is the addition of chain combos, obviously included to make Tekken players feel at home. But before Street Fighter purists cry “foul!”,remember that Street Fighter Alpha had a similar combo system that was discarded in the sequels.



Also shown are Hugo and Poison, who were revealed in a previous trailer. The chance to play as another Final Fight alum along with getting Hugo in the SF IV art style should excite players. Shown for the first time are Ibuki, Raven, and Kuma. Yes, you saw that right: Kuma’s super combo is a giant bear fart.


Street Fighter x Tekken is still a ways away, so you can bet that there will be new characters and game mechanics shown as we get closer to the release. Who do you want to see in this historic fighting game throwdown?