Bungie’s New Game Is A “Second Person Shooter”

Bungie’s New Game Is A “Second Person Shooter”

0 By Reuben Gurevich

For years, Bungie has been synonymous with cutting edge console shooting experiences. Halo: Combat Evolved brought the genre to millions of living rooms and revitalized the original Xbox. Halo 2 upped the ante with a fabulously polished multiplayer experience, and Halo 3 took the series to the next generation, offering players the incredible control and choice of the “Forge.” Now, with Bungie’s first independent project, the company plans to up-end player expectations with the all new Second Person Shooter.

“Too long have players been hampered by the visual perspective of the controlled character. With the ‘SPS,’ gamers will now realize a new level of immersion, as the camera presents action from the viewpoint of ancillary characters and enemies.” Extensive in-game video showed off the new melee disarming techniques and character model animations, all from the waist-down perspective of a fallen comrade lying on his side. “War is never seen clearly by those on the battlefield. Finally we have a game design to reflect that murky reality.”

When pressed on multiplayer details, Bungie teased their new co-operative system link mode, in which players will see the action from the perspective of their co-op partner, encouraging unprecedented, and perhaps impossible, levels of communication. For players enjoying the game in the same room, Bungie expects new emergent behaviors, including what they have tentatively dubbed “screen watching.”

Stunned members of the press later gushed over what was universally regarded as a revolutionary moment for the shooter genre. Matt Sandorclay of areapie.tv was heard to say, Finally, a game that accurately depicts what gamers would look like in a real war,” and Anthony Galapagos of Repel FM added, “I think it has game play.”

Bungie is aiming for a holiday 2012 release, but admitted that it’s hard to gauge through the second person perspective of new publisher Activision.