Bloodshot Volume 1: Setting The World On Fire TPB Review

Bloodshot Volume 1: Setting The World On Fire TPB Review

0 By Jason Matthew

¬†Valiant Comics’ Bloodshot Volume 1 is a pretty fantastic read, full of action, espionage and intrigue.


Bloodshot Volume 1- Setting The World On Fire TPB ReviewBloodshot is a character created in the early 90s by Valiant Comics. Back then, I collected some comics, but I never familiarized myself with Bloodshot. Now the series has been rebooted along with a few other fan favorites.¬†Bloodshot Volume 1: Setting The World On Fire compiles the first four books in the series, and it’s quite a great read.


Bloodshot was created by Project Rising Spirit to be the ultimate weapon. His body is filled with billions of nanomachines that can bring him back from the brink of death, enabling complete recovery from even the gravest of injuries. His mind is implanted with various fake memories, driving him to do whatever dirty business PRS wants of him at any given moment.


The book does a pretty good job of walking the line between intrigue and action. Who was Bloodshot before the government experimented on him? In these four issues we don’t find out, but we do get a glimpse into just how evil PRS is, and what lengths they will go to to conceal their secrets. Bloodshot gains the help of a few allies, and makes plenty of enemies as well once a doctor reveals the truth of his manipulation. He essentially goes off the deep end, with only an EMT and his nanomachines, or “Goldies”, to interact with. The Goldies take the form of his fake family, divulging pertinent information to him as he needs it, and warning him of danger in a kind of Spider-Sense.


The writers and artists sure do take pleasure in blowing Bloodshot up. This is an incredibly gory book, and all the artwork is fantastic. We learn pretty early on that Bloodshot needs to take in protein to be able to repair his cell structure, which creates an interesting dynamic. It adds a new layer of suspense; with characters like Wolverine or Deadpool they can come back from essentially anything, but with Bloodshot his nutrient resources play an important role. Another thing worth mentioning is that an EMP blast can temporarily short circuit his nanomachines, and without the Goldies, he can’t repair himself. Still, the writers just love to torture the poor guy, eviscerating him at every turn and having characters shoot him in the head just to knock him out for a transportation.


One of the downsides to the book so far is its incoherence. I understand that some of this is integral to the plot, as we only know what Bloodshot knows, which is next to nothing at this point. That said, I’m definitely intrigued to see where Bloodshot goes from here, and the writers do a good job of building up the reader’s interest. This book is definitely a page-turner, and you won’t be sorry if you pick it up.