Beats+ Now Available On The App Store

Beats+ Now Available On The App Store

0 By Jason Matthew

If you’re a musician, you know how tough it can be to find a decent drummer. A good drummer is vital to any song, and can breathe inspiration into a jam session when everyone has writer’s block. Ninebuzz Software knows the importance of a strong rhythm section, and is releasing their new app Beats+ on the App Store today.



Beats+ gives you access to over 50 CD- quality beats, with adjustable tempos (60-190 bpm) in varying styles.


“I can’t express how happy the team is to finally get Beats+ into musicians’ hands,” said Rick Belluso, Co-founder of Ninebuzz Software. “Beats+ has really been a labor of love. As a musician and songwriter, sometimes I think that all you need is the right beat to get things moving – it doesn’t matter whether you spend an hour programming it on your computer or getting your drummer to play it. You just need to hear it. With Beats+, I’m thrilled that we can deliver this experience to everybody out there who just wants to start making music. Simple, fun, instant drums. Why not?“



Beats+ can be your for 99 cents on the App Store today, just follow this link!.