Beats+ (Beats Plus) App Review

Beats+ (Beats Plus) App Review

0 By Jason Matthew

Ninebuzz Software has come out with some critically acclaimed iOS apps in the past. Their latest is Beats+, a cool virtual drummer that plays loops at user set tempos- great for jamming or practicing through a PA with when your real drummer’s late.



When you boot up Beats+, there are multiple categories of loops to choose from, spanning several genres such as pop/rock, country, jazz, hip hop and more. Each loop can be played at a tempo between 60-190 bpm.  There’s even a Hit Songs section, with cleverly re-titled songs such “Brown Eyed Curl”, “Hey Sole Blister”, “Paranoid Robot” and more. The app makes it easy to find a good beat to get the creative gears spinning, and match the tempo to suit your style. I would have liked more variation in the tempos, and the ability to select any increment- you can’t set a loop to 162 bpm, for instance. I was also disappointed to discover that there is no way to export the loops to your computer. This would greatly increase the usefulness of the app as you could theoretically use it to produce rough  demos on your computer after jamming out your idea on your iPhone. You also can’t link beats together, program tempo changes, or anything like that. I’m hopeful that these are things that would be put into a future update.


However, there are over 50 tempo-malleable beats here, and if you’re looking to get the creative juices flowing, or get down ideas for a hip hop verse, you can’t beat this app for 99 cents. There are some great included features, such as a “roll the dice” function which throws random beats out at the tempo of your choosing, and a “favorites” function that saves any beats you’d like for quick future access. I’d be willing to pay for a future in-app purchase that allows for beat programming and more precise tempo changes. Overall, Beats+ is a very solid offering from the wizards at Ninebuzz Software.



[easyreview title=”Beats+” cat1title=”Graphics” cat1detail=”Clean, simple interface. Easy to navigate.” cat1rating=”4.0″ cat3title=”Content” cat3detail=”Not quite a drum machine replacement- you can’t chain beats together or program tempo changes. If these things were put into a future update, Beats+’s usefulness would grow exponentially. The variety of beats here is solid, however.” cat3rating=”4.0″ summary=”Ninebuzz Software creates yet another fun, useful app for musicians.”]