Batman: Arkham City Best Buy Pre-Order Bonus Is Playable Robin

Batman: Arkham City Best Buy Pre-Order Bonus Is Playable Robin

0 By Jason Matthew

If any of you have been clamoring for a chance to play as the Boy Wonder in a (good) Batman game, now is your chance. Best Buy is offering a playable version of the much-maligned sidekick as a pre-order bonus for Batman: Arkham City.

Batman: Arkham Asylum was an amazing game developed by RockSteady Studios that took everyone by surprise when it released to unforseen critical acclaim in 2009. It went on to win many Game Of The Year awards.

The game was notable for having a great story penned by one of Batman’s greatest comic writers, Paul Dini. Dini is also writing the script for Arkham City.

The story for Arkham City picks up about a year after the events of Arkham Asylum. It seems Quincy Sharp, the warden of Arkham Asylum, has taken all the credit for stopping the Joker in the first game, and now he has parlayed that good will into becoming the new mayor of Gotham. Mayor Sharp buys out a huge part of Gotham’s slums ¬†and makes it into Arkham City, which is to be used to house all of Arkham’s former inmates. He hired a security force known as Tyger to watch over the place, and all the prisoners are given free reign to do whatever they wish, as long as they do not attempt to escape the grounds.

Arkham Asylum has a 92% rating on GameRankings, which gives games aggregate scores based on all reviews submitted.

Batman: Arkham City is due out October 18th, 2011.