Batman #9 Review

Batman #9 Review

0 By Alan Collahuazo


In this part of the story of Night of the Owls, Batman wields his battle armor once again, trying to defeat the Talons and get them out of the Wayne Mansion – so he can save the people who are the targets of the Court of the Owls.


Scott Snyder tries to keep this book as a stand-alone story, even though there is a short mention about the other members of the bat-family and some cliffhangers leading up to Detective Comics #9. This issue is separated into two parts, one which continues on from issue #8, with the second part showing Batman leaving for Gotham City to save Lincoln March. Synder delivers some funny parts, for instance the Big Dinosaur acting like “the guard dog” as well as drama, like March giving the message to Bruce Wayne.


Greg Capullo depicts an aggressive Bruce Wayne; we can see on the front cover through Batman’s battle mask- through his visor we see the Talons waiting for him. Capullo does a great job showing off Batman’s martial arts skills in great detail, taking apart the Talons with his years of experience.


The Fall of the House of Wayne (Part 1) is a short story linking to the present events. Its co-written by Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV. It starts with Alfred’s father, Jarvis Pennyworth, writing a letter to Alfred about his service for the Waynes after his dad’s retirement, and warning him about a curse. The end scene shows how it’s all related to the Talons. Rafael Albuquerque draws in a similar style as in his last short story, “The Call”.


Batman#9 is another great issue packed with action and a fine entry in the long lineage of Bat-books.